At Beastwear we produce our own custom speciality made uniforms and sports gear using our Cooltek fabrics Cooltek is light-weight, has extra tensile strength, is micro-knitted* for increased quality of print, it comes in several (80) weights and knits (including vents, Mesh, Polyester, Poly-Blend, Fleece and in blends with Lycra or Spandex).


The Benefits and features of Cooltek™ fabrics include

(CR) Climate Regulated,

(MMS) Moisture Management System,

(BF) Breathable,

(DR) Durable,

(UV) UPF30+,

(AB) Antibacterial.


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These are some of our most popular fabrics.

80+ Fabrics

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* Free Shipping will be paid for by us if the order is at least $300 exc GST

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