These official Beastwear MMA shorts are limited edition and come with 

Lycra crotch with Velcro waist strap, plus reinforced rope with a micro-knit pant for extra strength, flex and movement. The design includes a cage design on the right pant leg and Beastwear branding down the left and across the waist to remind everyone that you're the Beast!

Unleash the Beast within and get your hands on these official, limited edition MMA shorts.


  • Beastwear official MMA shorts
  • Reinforced drawstring rope 
  • Designed for comfort and flex in all the right areas
  • Micro-knit pant legs for extra material strength
  • Lycra crotch to provide a little give and flex
  • Velcro waist for varied waistlines and that little extra hug around the midsection for differing body types
  • Mens sizes S-2XL available whilst stocks last.

Beastwear MMA shorts

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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