Kids, 1-14, Ladies 6-28, Mens XS-9XL

Sizing is a big consideration when choosing your custom garment. 

Our sizes are fairly true to size.  So if you normally wear a Large in another well-known brand then we suggest you order the same size from us. 

When ordering you can ask for Elite Fit (smaller and tighter)  or Standard as per the charts below or a relaxed fit (wider) than the charts below

Another good rule of thumb is to always order one size up on what you normally wear: remember, it’s easier to reduce a garment size afterwards than to squeeze into a garment that doesn't fit

All measurements listed below are in centimetres. If you need help with sizing, contact us by email and we'll get back to you same or next day!

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* Free Shipping will be paid for by us if the order is at least $300 exc GST

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